Recent Video Projects

The following are recent video projects that we have been brought on to produce film and edit


LDS Mission Homecoming


OTHERWISE - The Ballad Of Ivan Patrick

Kings Peak was brought on to produce, film, and edit this music video for the Rock band OTHERWISE.


Cassidy and Nick Engagement

Affliction/Ryan Patrick

Had a good time getting some content of Ryan Patrick of Otherwise working out at the Affliction Gym in Seal Beach, CA.

Adventure Highlight Reel

Montage from our travel all over the country.

Music Highlight Reel

Music Projects we have been a part of in one highlight reel.

Video Portrait

Mersadees Adel


Business Promotional

Promotional Video for Miles Ahead Music in Orem, Utah


Business Promotional

Promotional video for Modern Spare


Business Promotional

Promotional Video for Mad Hatter Warped & Woven